The VETiS Program gives students the opportunity to earn qualifications towards a profession while still at school. By participating in a VETiS program, students learn the skills and requirements of a particular job through a local Registered Training Organisation, attending theory classes externally and also and completing work placement/s during the year to gain industry knowledge.

Upon successful completion of units of study (competencies) within the chosen qualification, students will receive a Certificate for full completion, or a Statement of Attainment for competencies achieved. Depending upon the number of hours completed of the qualification, students will receive credit towards their NTCET (70 hours equates to 10 NTCET Credits).

Casuarina Senior College (CSC) , in partnership with external Registered Training Providers, offer a range of vocational programs across a variety of industry sectors, including, but not limited to automotive, construction, carpentry, electrical, beauty, hair dressing, hospitality and retail.

More detailed information on each program is available from the VET Coordinator or Career Advice Centre.

How to enrol in a VETiS program

Step 1
Identify which VETiS course you wish to enrol in. These will be announced in August, via the school website, School Stream & social media pages.
Step 2
Obtain and complete an Expression of Interest. Printed copies are available from and returned to the Careers Advice Centre.
Step 3
The VET Coordinator will forward the completed application to the relevant RTO, who each have their own internal application process.
Step 4
The RTO will contact you if you are selected into a VETiS Program. You must advise the VET Coordinator at CSC if you are successful.
Step 5
Once you begin the VETiS course you need to meet with your Year Level Coordinator to ensure your subject choices. This may include changing class lines, switching subjects, or withdrawing from subjects.